Acoustics Panels, a Pirate Ship and a Curry!

The specialist paintable acoustics panels to suppress the `echo’ in the new Community Hall have now been delivered and are due to be fitted at the end of this month. This will make the main hall much quieter for the users. It is unfortunate that we didn’t have sufficient money to address the likely issue at the time of the build but unfortunately when trying to make limited funds go exceptionally far I’m afraid that’s how it goes.

Have you noticed the new pirate ship in the playground?

This one is safe and user friendly for our youngest residents. The MKC inspector visited us in mid-August and is happy to sign off the play area other than for a couple of minor tweaks.

Thankfully the snagging list has been very small and the sponsors we have shown the facility to have all been very impressed.

We are busy trying to finalise some paperwork for the last tranche of money due from The National Lottery but as this won’t quite clear our debt we have fixed a date for the ever-popular `Alastair’s Curry Night’ at the Jalori Woburn Sands. Please save the date – Monday 8th November.

Stay safe, stay well and thank you for your support

Alan Preen Chair ASTRA

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